Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bridging Day!

Hello everyone! Today is kind of a fun little day that I made note of. You know how we adoptive parents say "it feels like they have been here forever?" Well, since it DOES feel that way, I thought it would be cool to mark the day that G has ACTUALLY been in the USA longer than she lived in Haiti. That day was today. When I first thought of figuring out which day this would be, a while back, it was surprising how far in the future it was then. Because it does feel like it's been eons since she came home.

1393 days in the USA
1392 days in Haiti.

To mark the occasion we went out to her fave food and decimated several plates of this:
 and then she was:

Then we went home and marked the occasion more with some chores LOL.

As a gift, I got her a handmade afghan that a lady at work knitted. Or crocheted. Whichever one afghans are. She cranks them out at a scary pace! I wanted a rainbow one for G, you know, rainbow, kinda like a bridge.... and she happened to have one already done, and it was perfect!!! Our bed never looked so colorful!

G came up with a meaning for each of the colored sections. Before she did that she wanted me to hold up the red end (the USA) and she tumbled herself over to the red end from the purple end (Haiti). She thought this was all pretty fun.


Tonight when we are snuggling in bed I will talk to her about it all in a more sensitive and serious manner and find out her thoughts and feelings about it all. But it very well may be that what you see is what you get!

As it happened, today was also Social Service Sunday at our church. We made knotted comfort dolls to send to the kids at the Haiti Rescue Center.

This is what the kids voted on to support this church year with all funds collected from the kids/family worship service. We are trying to get people to the blog I made about our yearlong collection. All funds go to help Haiti and will be sent there at the end of our church year, June 2011. Won't you please check it out and donate a dollar or two? I really want to get the kids fired up by increasing our Haiti fund from people online...there are SOOO many of you out there passionate to help Haiti! They will be so excited to see that people from all over are seeing what they are doing and are helping too! Even just leave a comment and where you are from, so I can read it to them on Sunday.

Thank you!!!

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